April 15, 2015

 Practice Schedule Friday & Saturday
Please come to ALL rehearsals. They are mandatory & run for 1 hour each (unless noted). If you have a conflict and you told us about it before the schedule was posted, you are excused. All other absences are unexcused. If you have any new obligations, email them to bruce@circusofthekids.com. The current list of obligations is posted below.

If you don\'t see the updated schedule, please refresh your browser.

April 15, 2015

 Cast List update - RMS 15
Congratulations to everyone who auditioned to be in the circus!

• THIS LIST IS FINAL. No changes, with regards to act assignments or rehearsal times, will be made.
• The practice schedule is listed separtely. Find your name & act below, then find when your act practices.
• YOU MUST SHOW UP TO ALL PRACTICES. Check schedules carefully.
• We tried to write the schedule around your needs.
• Each practice session runs 1 hour (unless specified).
•The rehearsal schedules are also posted at circus.

• Appropriate PRACTICE CLOTHES includes: leotards, shorts, T-shirts, shoes, warm-up or sweat pants. No jewelry.
• If we left your name off this list by accident, do not panic. Send an email to bruce@circusofthekids for your act assignment.
• Be sure to let us know if a name is misspelled. We’ll use these names in the souvenir program and for the credits on the video.
• If your name has ** before it, please see Bruce when you get to practice.

BIKE - BICYCLE FOR FIVE (building pyramids on a moving bicycle)
DT - DOUBLE TRAPEZE (2 people working together on a high trapeze)
FABRIC - (climb up 10 to 15 feet on a piece of fabric. Learn ways to tie yourself in and drop)
FIRE - (fire manipulation and fire eating)
FLY - FLYING TRAPEZE (going from a swinging trapeze to the hands of a swinging catcher)
HB - HAND BALANCING (human pyramids)
HIYR - HIGH WIRE (walking a wire 24 inches above the floor)
JESTER - (hula hooping, tumbling, feather balancing -- just plain fun)
LADDER - (simliar moves to TT, LIRA and WEB but done on a hanging ladder)
LC - LOW CASTING (a low flying trapeze {see above} but with a stationary catcher)
LT - LIONS AND TIGERS (adorable -- dressed as wild animals and performing with our wild animal trainer, kids jump through hoops, growl and roll over)
MT - MINI TRAMP (simliar to a gymnastic spring board but doing tricks over people)
QT - QUARTETTE ADAGIO (human rag doll)
RM - RING MASTER/MISTRESS (the person who presents the whole show to the community)
ROLLA - ROLLA ROLLA (a student and a circus coach balance together on top of a board on a cylinder
SKATE - (a student and a coach spin in circles as the students climbs onto the coach in different positions)
SiT - STATIC TRAP (2 Students on a spinning single trapeze)
SwT - SWINGING TRAPEZE (sitting and standing on a swinging trapeze, the student jumps off and catches by their hands and ankles)
TEETER - TEETER BOARD (students stand on one end of a see saw as a big person jumps on the other end and catapults the student into the air)
TT - TRIPLE TRAPEZE (a triple wide trapeze with 2 to 6 people on it)
WEB - SPANISH WEB (a rope with a loop at the top so students can hang by their wrist or ankle)

Juliana Aguilar -- MT
Garrett Almond -- Globe
Alyssa Andoyo -- JRope
Angelo Andoyo -- Juggle
Haley Angleton -- Globe
Bryan Ayala -- Juggle
Blake Ayers -- Fire
Michael Aylward -- TT
Jessalynn Baker -- MT
brooklyn barker -- Clown
Adrian Becannon -- MT
Shayla Bogle -- Teeter
A.J. Bollig -- Skate
Brooklyn Borton -- Fabric
nick Bright -- Bike
Tori Beth Busse -- SiT
Darbee Chard -- Fire
Drew Clay -- Web
Trent Clements -- Skate
Kelleigh Collins -- Skate
Lawson Collins -- TT
Mattilyn Cranor -- Jrope
Noah Crapson -- Web
Caysia Crellin -- Fabric
Andrea Cuin -- TT
Trenton Cummings -- Teeter
Susanne Cunningham -- Juggle
Natalie Davis -- JRope
Cheyenne DeVoe -- Hoop
Baylee Dillman -- TT
Avrey Finley -- Teeter
Amee Fritch -- MT
Colten Fritch -- TT
Kaiden Fuller -- Juggle
karlie goff -- Hoop
Garrin Golay -- MT
Kelsey Goodner -- SiT
Riley Goracke -- Fabric
Timmen Goracke -- TT
Keondre Gregory -- RM
Jacob Guernsey -- Skate
Trenton Harding -- Skate
Jaden Hart -- JRope
Nautica Hart -- Clown
Cali Hudson -- Strap
Hannah Hugo -- Skate
Alayna Inbody -- Juggle
Rachel Jackett -- Fire
Kalyn Jones -- MT
Britney Kennedy -- QT
Sabbatha Kerby -- Web
Mandi Klauman -- TT
Tyler Kueser -- Juggle
Andrew Kuhn -- Fire
Ye Joo Lee -- Hoop
Kelsie Lester -- MT
Grace Lewis -- Hoop
Isaac Lewis -- Fire
Jacey Lewis -- Strap
Olivia Lopeman -- Teeter
Dylan Lowry -- Clown
Trenton Lowry -- Fire
Kennah Ludlum -- Bike
Molly Luellen -- MT
Darci Marshall -- Bike
Madison McEwen -- Clown
Brayden McVey -- TT
Maria Morgan -- Hoop
Braiden Moyer -- Juggle
Isabella Needham -- Hoop
Adrian Nelson -- MT
Sophie Osborn -- Globe
Spencer Overturf -- Bike
Brecca Peter -- Globe
Nicole phillips -- JRope
Alyssa Ramsey -- Lira
Aimee Riggs -- Globe
Emilee Roberts -- Juggle
Lane Roberts -- JRope
Molly Rollins -- Fabric
gabrielle rutledge -- Hoop
Jalynn Schoenberger -- MT
Rhylee Sevart -- Juggle
Samantha Sharp -- Globe
Alison Shields -- Juggle
Ethan Smith -- MT
Kiley Smoot -- Bike
Brigitte Snell -- JRope
Amanda Stalder -- TT
Taylor Thompson -- Lira
Kinzey Tiegreen -- TT
Rosebelle Toledo -- Rolla
Sabry Trout -- Lira
Mason Vietti -- Bike
Jillian Vogel -- Globe
Natalie Weldon -- Fabric
Nolan Werner -- Clown
Taylor West -- DT
Koby White -- Globe
Mikaella White -- Web
Eric Wikel -- Bike
Hannah Williams -- JRope
Sydney Wilson -- Hoop
Landon Woodyard -- Globe

    April 14, 2015

     Excused Absences - Updated Friday @ 11:30 AM
    To help you meet prior commitments and allow you to be in CIRCUS, we will approve 3 excused absences and will try to schedule some of your rehearsals around prior commitments.


    We will schedule your circus rehearsals around a maximum of 3 obligations between auditions and show time. If we are not able to schedule around your 3 obligations, you will be excused from circus practice, with no penalty, to meet your other obligations.

    You may list additional obligations but they will be treated as optional times. If it is possible for us to schedule around them, we will. However, if we cannot, you are required to be at circus practice.

    This list needs to be accurate and stay current for it to be effective. You may change your obligations by email (bruce@circusofthekids.com) as long as the rehearsal schedule for the day you want to modify has not been scheduled or posted. Please put SCHEDULE CHANGE in the subject line. Sorry, but we do not excuse an absence after the fact.

    You only get 1 emergency to miss a rehearsal. This is for an unforeseen situation that you have to deal with. More than 1 unexcused absence jeopardizes your position in CIRCUS.

    Mass rehearsals are mandatory and they cannot be scheduled around. In addition, please do not request time off on the day before dress rehearsal or on dress rehearsal day.

    ---- end of policy ---

    WHAT FOLLOWS IS NOT THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE -- it is the list of times I am scheduling you around to get you here and allow you to meet your other obligations.

    Rehearsal times are below the following list.

    1) R = Thursday, N=Sunday
    2) An * is an unknown time (i.e. *-6 means you cannot be here until 6)
    3) We desginate specific dates by listing a day followed by a number (i.e. R2 is the second Thursday).
    4) Times listed in parenthesis are optional.

    Week 1: Apr 15-21
    Week 2: Apr 22-28
    Week 3: Apr 29-May 3

    AGAIN -- THIS_IS_NOT_THE_REHEARSAL_SCHEDULE. The rehearsal schedule will be posted above this list.

    Britany Angleton R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Haley Angleton M1 715-815, R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, S1 *-2
    Michael Aylward F2 5-1045, S2 6a-1045, R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Adrian Becannon R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Shayla Bogle R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, S1 *-2
    A.J. Bollig R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Brooklyn Borton N3 430-9
    Tori Beth Busse R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Darbee Chard R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Kelleigh Collins S1 6a-10
    Mattilyn Cranor W1 4-545, S1 230-*
    Cheyenne DeVoe M1 3-430, R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Baylee Dillman R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Avrey Finley W1 6-730, M1 445-645, W3 6-730
    Amee Fritch R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Colten Fritch R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, S1 *-2
    Kaiden Fuller R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Garrin Golay F1 *-6, S1 *-7
    Riley Goracke R1 530-6, R2 530-6
    Jacob Guernsey S1 9-12:30, S2 8a-7p,T2 3-5
    Trenton Harding F1 *-*
    Jaden Hart W-2362 315-515
    Nautica Hart R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Cali Hudson R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Alayna Inbody (M1 730-9), R1 530-6, R2 530-6, S1 *-2
    Rachel Jackett W1 630-8, W2 630-8, W3 630-8, track
    Kalyn Jones M1 5-7. W2 *-6
    Sabbatha Kerby R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Mandi Klauman S1 *-2
    Tyler Kueser R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, S1 *-2
    Ye Joo Lee R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Jacey Lewis S1 *-2
    Olivia Lopeman R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Dylan Lowry W2 W3 6:30-8, S1 10-*
    Trenton Lowry R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, (W2 W3 6:30-8)
    Darci Marshall R1 9a-730p, S1 2-6
    Maria Morgan S1 8a-6
    Braiden Moyer T2 630-830
    Sophie Osborn R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, M1 M2 645-9
    Alyssa Ramsey S1 6:30-*, R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, M2 6:30-*
    Aimee Riggs Sat1 *-4
    Emilee Roberts R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Molly Rollins R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    gabrielle rutledge M1 *-*
    Jalynn Schoenberger R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Rhylee Sevart M1 M2 430-7, R2 515-615
    Samantha Sharp S1 *-2
    Alison Shields S1 *-2
    Kiley Smoot R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Brigitte Snell w2 445-545, r2 , w3 445-545
    Amanda Stalder R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Taylor Thompson R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, S2 *-*
    Kinzey Tiegreen R1 R2 530-6
    Rosebelle Toledo R1 T1 R2 *-*, track, S1 *-2
    Mason Vietti R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Jillian Vogel S1 *-2
    Natalie Weldon R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Nolan Werner S1 *-2
    Koby White R1 T1 R2 *-*, track
    Mikaella White S1 S2 930-130, R2 5-615
    Sydney Wilson R1 T1 R2 *-*, track

      April 13, 2015

       Welcome to our new friends at Royster Middle School
      Hi and welcome to Circus of the Kids.

      I will be posting information here from now through show time so be sure to check regularly for updates.

      By 6 AM I will post the Cast List and rehearsal schedule for Wednesday. Only students who registered on the Circus of the Kids web site will be allowed to practice. If you have still not registered, please click on the link on the right.

      Remember if you have any schedule obligations not listed above, please email them immediately and I will attempt to work around your needs.

      Welcome to CIRCUS, I hope you have a great time!


      September 1, 2014

       Juggling Workshops
      If you have received mail from us regarding our 1 day juggling workshops, please click on the appropriate link below. Once you receive the download, completely fill out the last page and fax it back.

      January 3, 2012

       CIRCUS GRANT 2014-15
      We award 6 grants each school year to cover the expenses of Circus of the Kids. Click on the link below to learn about the grant.

      April 5, 2011

       New Report On Education
      This is a research project that we commissioned so we could understand some of the problems in education.

      September 20, 2007

       Press Coverage
      The Dunwoody Crier
      copy this link to see this article:

      May 19, 2007

       COTK Video on the Web

      May 18, 2007

       Emails about the show...
      What a show! I am proud of all the Butler Elementary School circus students and what all of you accomplished in the last 2 weeks. Wow!

      A couple of emails have been shared with me that I thought you might like to read. I guess I am not the only person who is impressed with you what you accomplished.

      Congratulations on a job well done!


      Dear Colleagues

      I just returned from Butler Elementary in Bedfoird where our Parkview students attended the Circus of the Kids show

      What an incredible achievement for the students and the school. The Circus of the Kids organization has, over only several weeks, tranformed Butler students into professional Circus performers.

      When I arrived, I did not know what to expect and was completely blown away by the show. It was big league in every way. A real circus!

      The shows continues through the weekend with a Friday evening performance at 7pm and 2 performances (2pm and 7pm) on Staurday and Sunday.

      Congratulations to Renalee and the Butler staff and community for a truly exceptional school project. In Circus parlance: you have really raised the Bar!

      Hope you can get to see it!


      I have spent my whole teaching career trying to do big things that can be life changing for my students.

      What you have created for your students is a memory that will live in their minds forever... Long after they have forgotten what we have taught them in the classroom, they will remember how this circus made them feel.

      Garry Phillips, my favourite guru says that the number one poverty in a child\'s life is the abscence of enriching life experiences. Today, you enriched a whole community.

      Please help
      COTK by
      donating today

      Registration is now open for:

      Chanute, KS
      Royster Middle School

      Houston, TX
      ERJCC of Houston

      Palm Beach Gardens, FL
      Mandel JCC of the Palm Beaches

      Youngstown, OH
      JCC of Youngstown

      Wilmington, DE
      Brandywine YMCA

      Greenwich, CT
      Camp Gan Israel - Greenwich

      Lake Forest, IL
      Banner Day Camp

      Springfield, MA
      Springfield JCC

      Wynnewood, PA
      Kaiserman JCC

      Pittsburgh, PA
      JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

      Atlanta, GA
      St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School

      Cope, SC
      Carver-Edisto Middle School

      Tickets are now available for:

      Chanute, KS
      Royster Middle School

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